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Experience Cellulite Reduction Therapy
Stimulate circulation & enhance collagen to produce smoother skin
FDA Approved for Cellulite Reduction, Body Reshaping and Contouring
See visible results
Where diet and exercise leave off


Body Science Chicago invites you to experience Cellulite Reduction Therapy (scientifically and FDA approved). Body Science Chicago offers a nourishing environment, bringing you the best technology and professional expertise to provide you with a result-oriented experience.

We take pride in establishing and keeping long-term relationships with clients. We understand that a beautiful body is directly linked to a healthy body. Our mission is to provide you with state-of-the-art technology, which addresses your well being inside-out while providing you with relaxation and peace of mind. Our professional staff includes certified technicians who work together to ensure our clients with a unique and memorable experience.



I love my regular Cellulite Reduction Therapy treatments! Even though I am skinny. I could not wear bathing suit with confidence because of how my skin looked. After going through Endermologie®, I LOVE getting in my bikini and I am not afraid of wearing shorts. I highly recommend it.
Amy 36, Glenview

My skin started sagging when I reached 40. I discovered Endermologie® two years ago and I have been hooked. The skin on my legs did not look tighter in years. When my package finishes, I will make sure to continue maintaining it as I love how my body looks.
Julia 48, Glenview

After liposuction, my doctor sent me to get a few Endermologie® sessions done and I loved it. My body is not as swollen anymore and I have never experienced scar tissues like some others do. Thank you Endermologie®.
Erica 52, Northbrook

I always look forward to my Endermologie® treatments. It feels great, I see less loose skin and my husband loves how my skin feels.
Susan 60, Chicago