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Cellulite Reduction

Unlike other cellulite treatments, this option is easy and convenient. Rather than going through major surgery, dealing with messy creams and lotions, or being bound tightly with wraps, this Endermologie® cellulite reduction treatment is as simple as wearing a discrete body stocking that is comfortable. It also reduces the “dimpled” appearance of cellulite, increases blood flow, tones, smooths and improves elasticity of skin.


Our state-of-the-art technology will reshape your body after pregnancy. Endermologie will help you bring back the smooth skin you once had and will help you maximize your potential to reach the ideal shape for your size and body type. After going through a series of sessions with us, you will look better in and out of your clothes.


After liposuction, doctors recommend endermologie® to prevent post-liposuction edema, unevenness and irregularities. Endermologie® will also help reduce swelling and bruising that may have occurred due to surgery. In brief, endermologie® will greatly enhance the results of liposuction at every stage after surgery.

Lymphatic Drainage

The lymph operates by drawing excess fluids, cellular wastes and other substances from spaces between cells and carries them away to “filtering stations” called lymph nodes. Lymph channels ultimately drain into two large veins near the heart so that the lymph is returned to the bloodstream to be further processed and then carried toward the eliminative organs. The lymphatic system serves many other functions, such as guarding against infections and diseases.

Facial Endermologie®

Even though our faces do not contain cellulite, Endermologie® for the face has become popular by using the roller massage technology as a deep tissue massage, stimulating blood flow to improve the skin health and appearance. The FDA approved treatments accelerate your skins natural production of collagen and elastin. Treatments drain tributaries and eliminate fluids, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Each session will fill in wrinkles, exercise facial muscles, oxygenate, detoxify, redefine, contour and clarify the complexion. It is the perfect natural solution for anyone looking for younger, firmer and thicker skin without surgery or injections.

Athletic Performance

Many athletes have been using Endermologie® for years to enhance their peak athletic performance and lean muscle mass. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie also use this method. Choose this to help increase performance while decreasing recovery time.

Other Benefits

Endermologie® treatments also benefit those with fibromyalgia, scar tissue, sinus congestion, headaches, back pain and other common ailments.